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Hail Damage Repair

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Hail Damage Repair in Indianapolis, IN

Find out about hail damage repair using the paintless dent removal method



Randys PDR
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paintless dent repair free-estimate form for the repair of dings and dents and paintless dent removal in the Indianapolis IN metro area

Need Dents Removed? :: Low-Cost Same Day :: Minor Dent Removal
Randy's PDR Will Make Your Car Look Like New!
Randy's PDR removes minor dents and door dings without paint, leaving the original finish like new increasing your vehicle's value.
You'll save Money!


It's very inexpensive. The average repair costs from $75.00 to
$150.00 depending on the number, size and severity of the dents.


We will come to your home, business or wherever your automobile, SUV, or truck is parked
to make the repairs.  The more panels or vehicles that are repaired the more money you save!*

We will come to your home, business or wherever your automobile, SUV, or truck is parked
to make the repairs.  The more panels or vehicles that are repaired the more money you save!*

Insurers and fleet leasing companies call Randy's PDR when they have hail damage or large
volume minor dent repairs they need completed quickly with a written guarantee. Randy's PDR
repair teams will travel to the storm site, set up and begin repairs. Insurance companies can trust
Randy's paint free hail damage repairs for their customers based upon ten years of experience
expertise. Randy's PDR repairs are guaranteed for as long as the customer owns the vehicle*
and retail customer satisfaction is guaranteed or they owe nothing.

*In the absence of additional accidents, misuse or neglect.

With paintless dent repair there is no need for fillers, sanding, painting, and you don't have to worry if the color is going to match. Because of these advantages there's no need to go to a body shop for small dents. These dents can be removed at your home or office, and usually takes about an hour, saving you TIME and MONEY. No rental cars or getting someone to pick you up and take you back. Not only can you save money, but you can also help save the environment. Since we only use a tool to push out the dent or dings, there is no need for the products such as the paint, bondo, and other chemicals that have to be disposed of in a chemical landfill.



Indianapolis In
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